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Some things that you should not do with your hair on your wedding day

To make your wedding make up perfect you need to follow one simple thing
and that is do not ignore your hairdo of the day and think about it
before the last moment. A beautiful hairdo is equally vital for making
your wedding day special as you surely want to look like as you were
never before looked like that. But Maximum number of brides often makes a
mistake by ignoring their hairstyle on their wedding day. Out of
hundred, ninety percent brides overlook their hair make up only to look
at them on the very day. Indian brides over look their hair and opt for
an overused hairstyle, which is boring and not happening. Now the
question is what should be done to avoid this? To have great hairdos,
bride should start planning how would be her makeup and bridal hairstyle
from the very day when she gets engaged. Enough time should be allotted
on hair care in order to achieve a unique style. It is said that at
least eight months before the wedding day you have to have consult your
hair designer. Not only your outfit but the venue and time of the
occasion determine the probable hairdos.

Here are some aspects those should be take care off:

1). If you want your hair free falling on your wedding day then be sure
that the wedding is taking place indoor. But normally on the special day
it is preferable not to open your hair and wear a traditional but
extraordinary hairdo on your hair. If you are outside then air,
pollution and sun can severely damage your hair. And if the wedding is
occurring outside open air then bride should not opt for open hair.

2). Wedding hairstyle must be hiding all the shortcomings of the bride
and taking out all the good sides of her face and figure. If any one is
short in height then the hairdresser should give her a style that can
make up the shortness of her height. It is necessary to add an extra
height by pulling your hair top of your head. It is best that you go for
a style that gives your hair more width and volume. On the other hand
for short hair there are various cute hairstyles but most Indian girls
want their hair looking long on the big day.

If the bride is tall enough then the hairstyle should not be tall in
height. Camouflaging her not so strong points is very important to make
her look pretty.

3). Another thing which is ignored very much by all brides that is
experimenting with their hair just before the big day. New hair
treatment on your hair on your wedding day is a big no no. it can be
devastating and you can not make this up by putting a cap on your hair.
So, try not to try a drastic change of your hair on that special day. If
you want to color your hair then make it at least some weeks before the
wedding date as it is very necessary to be habituate with the new

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