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The choice of hairstyle in relation to one’s personality

The style of the hair and the way it look had played a vital role as a
deciding factor of a person’s social status and character. Through out
the ages it has served the purpose, and in most of the cases it has been
proved to be very much true. From the pages of history we can see that
different people from different social status have different type of
hairstyles. It has been widely seen that the people of a particular
social status dressed up their hair almost alike. This was perhaps done
to denote the position an status of a particular person. As for example
in Egypt people from the noble family had a special type of hairdo that
the common people were not allowed to have. Farther more the slaves had
their own kind of hairstyle that was typically meant for the slaves.

But in the present day scenario the society has blended up so much and
there remains practically no formal social class. Therefore deciding a
person’s social position by his or her hairstyle has totally become
irrelevant. Now every one is free to have a hairstyle according to his
or her choice. But deciding a person’s character from his or her
hairstyle is still in practice. This also provides the option for a
person to make others feel about his or her character according to his
or her will simply by changing the hairstyle.

As for example it is said that a person with curly hair is usually
nervous, energetic and impulsive. The waves and the curls are somewhat
compared to the image of raging, agitated sea or ocean. People with
curly hair are considered to be more energetic and dynamic in nature.
And more the curls you have, the more nervous you shall be considered.
Therefore if you want to put on a spicy look it’s a good idea to curl
your hair.

On the other hand a person with straight hair is considered to be quite
calm and less agitated. It gives an impression of a peaceful, reserved
and perhaps even serene person. It is sometimes also believed that this
type of persons doesn’t give on to emotions as much and are less
agitated. Therefore straightening your hair for the purpose of attending
business meetings and other formal occasions is a really good idea. It
is also believed that people with straight hair have a great attitude
and personality. You can also have an appearance of a mixed attitude by
mixing straight hair with curly hair. Or you can add waves to your
straight hair to put on that appearance.

Another important that has to play a big role in deciding your character
is of course your hair color. Hair colors have lots of things to say.
Changing the hair color makes a drastic change in the appearance and
personality of a person. And also the highlights and lowlights says a
lot about a person.

Moreover it is seen that the young generation is more after a messy and careless look, which gives on the nature of the youth.

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