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Hair Care

Hairdressing supplies play an important part in a thriving business

Hair and beauty has been around for thousands of years. Styles move and
change all the time -some of the older styles come back after a few
years under a new name but they have just been improved with a little
tweaking and updating.

Hair stylists will always require the best in hairdressing supplies as
each time a new style is marketed, customers expect to be able to walk
in to a salon and expect to have that style, which is good for the
hairdressing industry.

Quality hairdressing suppliers are of the essence, and delivery is
important so that a salon who advertises they have the latest products
in hair and beauty are not losing regular customers to other competitors

Hairdressing scissors are a stylist’s best friend. Each one is unique to
an individual stylist, and hair straightening irons are now an
important tool for a customer who wants to purchase the latest model.

Straight hair has always been a favourite with women, and now a woman
with frizzy or natural curly hair can win their personal battle with the
help of hair straightening products.

Frizzy hair in particular will benefit from ceramic covered plates. This
up to date technology which has a gentle infra red heat with negative
ions that brings fabulous results, can be very effective great when
combined with a straightening serum, as they can be used by a stylist or
a customer.

Advising your customer of the how to use a serum with straightening
tongs is bound will see her asking to purchase her personal hairdressing
supplies directly from you.

At Rollin Stock we know that hair and beauty supplies are important and
need to be delivered quickly and on time, especially for a new salon
that is aware of having a stricter budget until trading begins.

We supply everything that is required for a salon including salon
furniture, mirrors plus basic hairdressing supplies such as hairdressing
scissors, towels, brushes and combs.

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