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Hair Care

Give glamorous look to your hair

Back to basics is wide range of hair products which provide gentle,
color safe regimens that are specially formulated in order to meet the
needs of every type of hair. Whether your hair needs the intense
moisture or a boost of volume, each regimen delivers high performance
professional results. The styling and finishing range by back to basics
is created in order to give your hair the ultimate shine so that you can
meet the complex styles with ease. All of the products are specially
designed to give maximum results without dulling up, adding weight or
leaving a sticky residue.

To give silky look to your hair you can use the exclusive range of
biosilk products which offer prescriptive solutions for every type of
hair. A complete range of hair care products will provide your hair with
every essential nutrient needed by your hair. The luxurious silk
product line by biosilk has utilized farouk systems with advanced
American technology with the combination of natural silk moisturizers to
reconstruct the incredible shine in your hair.

In the world of hairstyling another name that has gained importance is
Kevin Murphy which is a full focused range of professional hair care.
This range includes shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling
products which are designed according to different hair textures. All of
the products of Kevin Murphy contain high levels of specially designed
natural ingredients and also the high grade essential oils with amino
acids for the ultimate hair treatment which will provide your hair with
great shine and also treat your scalp. You can see the effects
immediately after the use of these products.

If you have curly hairs you don’t have to worry about them now this
latest technology used in matrix sleek look will give amazing look to
your hair by smoothing the curls, tame frizz and blow dry your hair
straight. This can provide you with the amazing idea if you want to get
the sensuously sleek look. The unique patented formulas work together in
order to help you transform the curly, frizzy, dry or coarse hair into
smooth style. A balance of moisture is used in the sleek look products
as the professional very well know that excess of moisture will make the
hair swell and rebel. It helps the hair to stay smooth by locking out
the humidity.

You can experience the invigorating tingle of the tea tree special. The
citrus sensation of the tea tree lemon sage and the relaxing scent of
the tea tree lavender mint. The complete range of the tea tree products
are made with the essential tea tree oils which stimulates the hair,
skin and senses with the delivery of the whole range of health and
beauty benefits. If you want to give the bold glamour to your hair then
vavoom is the best choice for you. The trend innovator vavoom has a
collection of hair products which will make you feel confident,
outrageously sexy and the main attraction everywhere.

You can add twist, curls, waves, bounce, and ringlets to make a style of
your hair with the use of Ken paves appliances. Preferred by the
world’s top hairdressers, celebrities and supermodels, ghd styling irons
are known to have the latest technology. Ken paves are the global
leader in heat styling, with a collection of products which lets you
style your hair without any fear.

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