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It is a typical woman thing – you grab the most snazzy looking,
expensive bottles and jars of cosmetics on the shelves at supermarkets
without even bothering to check if it is the right thing for your skin.
You may hardly even check the label for skin type, leave alone checking
the ingredients.

Then, when all the chemicals wreak havoc on your skin, you blame it on
the product, your genes, the pollution and everything else except
yourself. Though all off the shelf products are not bad, they definitely
come with some chemical or the other. You might not have the slightest
idea how these chemicals can damage your skin.

With the modern lifestyle, your skin becomes a victim of pollution,
wrong dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle and stress. Moreover, you just
may not have the time to take elaborate care of your skin. So if
someone tells you to try a natural mask, you are most likely to say that
you don’t have the time to mix stuff, apply it on the face, wait till
it dries and then follow it up with yet another treatment. Maybe that is
why you prefer your bottles of cosmetics.

There are many natural skincare products available, which are as easy to
use as these cosmetics, but are far milder and gentler on your skin.
You have to try them once to believe it and once you get used to these
gentle and effective natural skincare products, you may never go back to
cosmetic products again.

Natural skin care products are not only mild, they also contain active
ingredients which add a luster to your skin, which no amount of make-up
can create. There are many natural substances like Aloe Vera, Shea
Butter, Beeswax, Honey, Papaya, Strawberries, Salt, Turmeric, Neem,
Lemon and Honey which can bring an amazing glow and freshness to any
kind of skin.

Natural facial cleansers, toners and moisturizing lotions are all
specially formulated to suit various skin types and also to nourish your
skin. Natural cleansers exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and to
make your skin glow. Natural toners help regulate oil balance of the
skin and natural moisturizers penetrate the deepest layers of skin
instead of just working on the surface.

Natural products have no side effects and are also cheaper than over the
counter cosmetics. A number of fruit and plant extracts as well as
essential oils have positive effects on the skin. They not only make the
skin supple, but also prevent premature aging. They rejuvenate your
skin to make it glow with health.

Natural face masks are also beneficial if you have acne prone skin which
needs extra care. They are safe for acne prone skin which gets
irritated easily. They act gently on such skin without stripping it of
the natural oils, unlike cosmetics which sap the natural oil, making the
oil glands work overtime after a while.

Apart from natural products, it is also vital to maintain an active
lifestyle and have good dietary habits. Avoid junk food and incorporate
some simple exercises in your daily routine. Have a positive attitude in
life which will definitely reflect on your face. And yes, say No to