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Modelling – How To Build Up a Portfolio

The best way to sustain a career as a professional model is to have a
strong portfolio. Your portfolio is a showcase of your work and is what
will grab the attention of new clients. Naturally, the more
comprehensive your portfolio is, the more jobs you will get offered.
There are a number of accessible ways to make a stronger and more
comprehensive portfolio:

Test Shoots

A great way to begin a portfolio is with some test shoot pictures. Your
agent might set up a free test shoot, although this is the exception
rather than the rule. Any good test shoot should provide enough pictures
to get your portfolio started and guarantee you at least a decent
headshot and full-length body shot.

Stock Photography

Stock photography jobs can be a very helpful way to contribute work to a
portfolio. Depending on the photographer, you may or may not get paid
for doing stock photography jobs, but you will receive copies of the
prints to use in your portfolio. The photographer owns the picture
rights and may sell them to a variety of buyers who wish to use the
images to promote their own services or products.

Tear Sheets

Tear sheets are pictures that you have retained from shoots that you
have done, such as magazine adverts or catalogue pages. Literally, you
will “tear” the pictures out of the magazine or catalogue and put them
into your portfolio. Tear sheets can be really helpful as they show
potential clients that you are an active model, i.e. you are currently
working. This can be very beneficial as clients generally prefer to work
with models that have experience.

Using these methods will undoubtedly contribute to making your portfolio
stronger, and ultimately equip you with the means to consistently find
modeling work in the future.

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