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A Tale of Two Sisters – A bad pear?

Pippa Middleton is obviously a pear, but might she be the royal rotten
apple too? Her recent antics at a London nightclub and the highly
criticised cookery and party planning books might mean that that Kate
wants to distance herself from her bridesmaid sister.

After all the press have done their job perfectly – when we think of
Kate, we associate her with a demure smile, royalty, and understated
sexiness. Unfortunately when Pippa comes to mind, we think: sexy bottom,
freeloader, royal parasite and a bad writer.

Dancing, books and pistols at dawn

In early November the Sun reported that Pippa was out until 3am at the
exclusive nightclub Loulou’s where membership can cost up to £25,000 and
attracts the exclusive crowd like Kate Moss, Princess Beatrice and
Eugenie. Although dressed in a coat that even Kate would envy with sharp
red and cream lines, yet she left the stylish women’s sandals at home
and opted for somewhat sensible court shoes. However she left the club
with a mystery man rather than her new boyfriend, James Matthews, who is
the brother of Made in Chelsea star, Spencer.

Earlier this year, Pippa was also quizzed by the police as she was in a
car in Paris where the one of the drivers waved a pistol at a
photographer, although according to the Telegraph thought it was all a
‘bit of a joke’. Hmm, its doubtful that Kate and her new family thought
the same.

From sister to mother

Kate on the other hand is preparing to become a mother. We all know that
motherhood is special, but imagine incubating the royal heir! The
pressure must be insurmountable. Ask any woman preparing for the birth
of their first child, it’s a big thing. Huge in fact, the pressure to do
it ‘right’ is massive. It’s already been reported that she wants to use
Hypnobirthing and birth the royal baby the natural way – bit like Diana
there then!

So, while Kate is preparing to become a royal mother (and hopefully not a
baby bore), surrounding herself with baby books and advice from women
who’ve gone through it before, what’s Pippa up to? Yep, partying,
drinking and flying to Holland to try and secure rights for her recent
book – Party Planning. After its flop in the UK, it’s only hope of
paying back that £400,000 upfront payment is via foreign rights.

Sisters forever

But as one sister enters motherhood and the other tries to recoup her
book advance or dances on the floors of London’s most exclusive clubs,
will they really grow apart? Sisterhood is a strong bond. After all when
they lead such public lives, who else can they really share their most
private thoughts with? With the press determined to keep both these
sisters in the headlines, vilifying or praising their everyday choices,
they need each other more than ever.

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