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What Is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is a provider of registered agent, LLC formation, and corporate filing services. We help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses by taking the hassle out of paperwork and filing deadlines. We make it easy for our customers to stay compliant with state requirements so they can focus on what they do best – running their businesses.

Why did you start ZenBusiness?

We started ZenBusiness because we believe that starting and growing a business should be easy and affordable. We saw too many entrepreneurs give up on their dreams because they couldn’t afford the high cost of hiring a lawyer or accountant, or they got overwhelmed by the paperwork and filing deadlines. We wanted to change that.

What are your core values?

Our core values are simplicity, affordability, and customer service. We believe that starting and growing a business should be simple and affordable, and we’re committed to providing outstanding customer service to our customers.

What are your long-term goals for ZenBusiness?

Our goal is to be the leading provider of LLC formation and corporate filing services in the United States. We want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible start and grow their businesses, and we’ll continue to innovate and offer new services to help them succeed.

What is your favorite thing about ZenBusiness?

There are two things that we love about ZenBusiness: helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and being a part of the small business community. We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed, and we’re honored to be able to play a role in their success stories. We also love being a part of the small business community and helping our customers connect with each other and grow their businesses.

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