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Become A Model, Get Paid Getting Modeling Jobs Online

I see really exciting prospects for promo girls and models online
looking for Modeling Jobs or work to become a model. It’s very similar
to the music industry which is where we’ve mainly worked for the last
few years, except the issue is that in the current climate it’s harder
for musicians to make money.

But it’s always been easy for a beautiful woman to make money because
their alluring image when associated with products and services and
brands wanting to increase exposure. The thing is now, more than ever
there are so many girls out there who want to Become A Model or get
modeling work job as a promo girl, just like there are more bands and
musicians than ever – everyone wants to be someone, trust me, we see it
everyday, but they’re not prepared to put in the work to be someone. The
musicians think they just have to have great music. Models and promo
girls think that they just have to be sexy and gorgeous, well it’s much
more than that now because competition is so fierce, you’ve got to have
unique character that you can convey to an audience with confidence
enough that it compels them to really notice you amongst everything.

Just like music, the old foundations of the modeling industry and
promotions work will crumble as consumers and people who are in the
position to elevate new Modelling talent and promo girls to become a
model. I use that phrase promo girls because I know that a lot of girls
come to this blog looking for that kind of work, but is wearing a short
skirt or a pair of hot pants with the client or sponsors name plastered
on your butt and handing out flyers for $20 really what you want to do
right now? I guess it’s a way for you to make money but wouldn’t you
rather be building towards something much more glamorous and legitimate?

That’s the problem, right now we cant give you a promo girl job or lower
level modeling jobs to give you a stable income, but as so as we have a
decent roster of models and we can do that, we will, but for now our
focus is on those girls who want to work hard to build their brand now
so that in a years time you’ve got a website that makes you $20 a day
without even doing anything, and you’ve got people ringing you up
wanting to give you decent money for decent work like $500 a day on a

Basically we’re running a whole different kind of Modelling agency,
theres no fees and no contracts that limit your options – it’s based on
our more established business managing musicians and bands. It’s all
about online exposure worldwide and online revenue opportunities which
we’re familiar with. If you’re going to do shoots with us and start
moving up to serious work you’re going to need to be in Auckland, but
initially, it’s about your commitment to providing us with content from
you to develop your site, and learning about the ways you can make money
there, then we can look at what kind of Modeling Jobs would be suitable
for us to represent you as agents.

So if you’d like to get started or know more about anything I can
describe the next steps. We’d spend some time in development with you
before we thought seriously about offering you Modeling Jobs. There’s no
reason we can’t start that process now by having you submit some
pictures if you’re serious, then we can discuss the next steps to become
a model.

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