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9 Freebies To Make Life With A Newborn A Little Easier

Diaper bag

A must-have for toting around all of baby’s essentials, a diaper bag should be spacious, durable and easy to carry. Choose one with multiple compartments to help keep you organized, and look for features like an insulated pocket for bottles.

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Baby carrier

A baby carrier lets you keep your hands free while keeping baby close. Some styles can be used from birth (with an infant insert), while others are better for older babies and toddlers.

Baby wrap

A baby wrap is a long piece of fabric that you can use to tie baby close to your body. Wraps are great for newborns, and can be used until baby is about six months old.

Baby bathtub

A baby bathtub can be a lifesaver during those first few months. Look for one that’s comfortable for baby and has a nonslip bottom.


You’ll go through a lot of diapers, so it’s important to find a brand that you and your baby like. There are many different types of diapers, from disposable to cloth.

Baby clothes

You’ll need plenty of baby clothes, from onesies and sleepers to outfits for going out. Look for clothes that are easy to wash and that will keep baby comfortable.

Baby blanket

A baby blanket is a must-have for cuddling, napping and more. Look for a soft, cozy blanket that will be gentle on baby’s skin.

Baby toys

Babies need stimulation and entertainment, so choose a few baby toys that will help them develop. Look for toys that are safe for babies and that will capture their attention.

Baby care items

You’ll also need some basic baby care items, like a diaper pail, changing pad, wipes and more. Stock up on these items so you’re prepared for anything.

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