Tips on Saving Money when Living on One Salary

Tips on Saving Money when Living on One Salary

When you live on one salary it often feels like you have no money left over after bills. And while you save money on things such as child care and job related expenses, money can still run quite thin.Fortunately there are many frugal living tips that can cut your spending down.

The first step is to buy a bill Ledger and record all of your bills as well as when they are due down. Now are you paid weekly, bi weekly, monthly. Arrange your bills in the Ledger according to when they are due and what paycheck they should come out of. Now evaluate the bills themselves. Do you really need everything you are paying for.

How many extras such as caller Id, call waiting, and long distance are on your phone bill, and how many are really necessary? Do you need long distance on a home phone and a cell phone? No you don’t. Pick one plan that has the cheapest international rates and stick with it. TV bills, do you need every channel available on cable? Generally speaking you don’t.

Sure this family member may like to watch this one, and that likes that one, but in the world of expenses we cant live like that. Besides there are many better things to be doing with your time then watching TV. You can choose a smaller package for cable and cut out all of those movie channels.

Joining a company such as NetFlix will be cheaper and you will get to see the movies you want to. Some things that can save on your electricity bill include, washing clothes on cold water only and drying them without heat or even hang drying them. Cold water will effectively clean your clothing and warm air is not necessary to dry clothing.

Now another good idea is to go through your whole house. How many things do you have that you don’t need in it? Appliances, decorative items. What don’t you need. Add up what you spent on those items. That’s how much money you have spent on something you don’t need, now add in the cost of keeping those items.

Yes when you buy something it looses monetary value, it however costs to keep. Fragile items must be placed up high or they can be broken, when moving they must be packaged carefully. Factor in the time you spend keeping them cleaned. All those add into the expenses. Out of the things you have but don’t need, how many can you get rid of? Consider having a garage sale or donating the items.

People today are obsessed with obtaining possessions, whether they need them or not. So choose instead to shop on line at sites such as, or second hand stores and garage sales where you can find new or like new items for very inexpensive.

Consider buying your children’s clothing second hand, they grow out of them fast and ruin them easily. Buying second hand clothing is inexpensive and smart.

When doing grocery shopping choose to buy generic brands over name brands. They generally taste and or work the same at a fraction of the cost. Likewise use coupons and shop sales, stocking up on things you need and use often when the prices are low. Cutting back on expensive foodstuff such as meat can drastically lower your food bills as well.

You can also grow a garden, even in pots many vegetables thrive. A seed packet often costs less then a dollar and can save you much over the course of the summer. Another expense you can cut back on here is things such as laundry detergent, dish soaps and shampoos, while buying generic brands works well, these items are often super concentrated and can be watered down to lengthen their lifespan without effecting their potency.

We often like to take the easy way out and have other people fix our things. Such as getting our oil changed at a shop rather then taking the time to do it ourselves. Or having things delivered rather then picking them up ourselves. Finding ways to cut corners while saving money can be very easy.

Take a fix it approach and teach yourself how to repair many items around your house. If you can put in a light bulb you can fix simple projects. Information is at your fingertips on line.

A final thought is, add money to a savings account with every paycheck. Be it 10 dollars, keep trying to save as much money as you possibly can each check. By utilizing some of these tips you should be able to take the money otherwise spent on expenses and add it to your savings account.

You never know when you will be without a job or have a large expense come up and its always good to have money saved for that reason. It takes very little effort to actually save money. Curb the desire to spend money and put the energy into something else, such as the vegetable garden. And you will find you have more then enough to meet your needs.

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