My blender is my most-used kitchen appliance

My blender is my most-used kitchen appliance

My blender is the most-used small appliance in my kitchen! I use it more than anything, other than my stove and fridge.

My Cuisinart Smart Power Bar blender is at least 8 years old and I’m surprised it lasted that long, considering how many breakfast smoothies I make. I chose that particular model because it has a glass body as opposed to a plastic one. At the time, I was worried about putting hot liquids (like soup) into a plastic blender, so I went with the glass.

It’s worked like a charm since day one, but I have noticed lately that it’s a little bit slower on some days than others which leads me to believe the motor is about to give in.

I could just buy another Cuisinart, but first I thought I’d do some quick research to see if there was a better option out there.

There are 4 contenders on my list of potential new blenders:

1) Cuisinart BFP-703CH SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor, Chrome: Though my current blender has been extremely reliable, I thought I’d look online to see what others were saying. I found it interesting that people’s opinions were quite mixed as I’ve had this blender for years and have never, ever had a problem with it. Given all the divided feedback, I wonder if the way the blender is manufactured has changed dramatically?

Here is a useful review I found from I love making smoothies for my family and this machine does a great job on chopping up the ice. We get perfect smoothies every time! I also love the ease of use and the sleek stainless steel look. – N. Itta Tomas

2) Vita-Mix 1300 TurboBlend 4500: A lot of nutrition experts have recommended this blender. It’s really pricey (5 times the price of my old Cuisinart), but got quite positive reviews — excellent customer service, a warranty is available and most people were quite happy with their  purchase. In fact, about 90 per cent of buyers were really happy with it … but do I want to dish out nearly $400 for a blender?

Here is a useful review I found from We were hesitant to pay hundreds for a blender but now that I have it, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It has been a wonderful addition to my eating habits and breaks down the cellulose of greens to make them more absorbable to the body. It goes great with a book called green for life which explains all the great benefits of green smoothies. If you were to start this program, health would improve almost instantly! I am now getting allot more vitamins and minerals from my food than I used to, it keeps me on a raw food diet and is also good for soups. If there is something that my food processor can’t do, the vita-mix can! I use it at every given opportunity and makes great smoothies of any kind, even if you are not a raw foodist. – Harry Smith

3) Oster 4093 Classic Beehive Blender, Chrome: I’m considering this one because it has received so many positive reviews. It seems quite affordable and the body is glass, not plastic. From the manufacturer’s description, the Oster 4093 Classic Beehive Blender, Chrome blends margaritas and smoothies, mixes soups and sauces, chops fruits and vegetables, grinds coffee beans and nuts, grates cheese and coconut, and even crushes ice! The blender also has high- and low-speed pulse controls, which can be held down for continuous action. It sounds like a good contender!

Here’s a useful review I found from Powered by a 500-watt motor, this classic blender blends margaritas and smoothies, mixes soups and sauces, chops fruits and vegetables, grinds coffee beans and nuts, grates cheese and coconut, and crushes ice. The blender has a high speed and a low-speed pulse control, which can be held down for continuous action. Its 40-ounce, ribbed-and-tapered glass container fits onto Oster’s distinctive beehive-shaped base, which is clad in lustrous chrome and outfitted with slip-proof rubber feet. Its stainless-steel blade-assembly removes for cleaning, and the container is calibrated in both ounces and litres. Fully assembled, the blender stands 16 inches high on a 7-1/4-inch-diameter base. With the exception of the dishwasher-safe glass container, all parts–including the plastic lid with its plastic 2-ounce measuring insert–require hand washing. The blender carries a one-year warranty against defects, and its instruction booklet includes dozens of recipes. –Fred Brack

4) Waring Professional Bar Blenders: I don’t usually have friends lined up at my place waiting for margaritas (I’m not a fan of fruity drinks), but after reading that this blender is quite powerful and heavy duty, I figured if it could handle margaritas it would be able to make a mean breakfast smoothie. Plus, the body is made of thick glass, so this blender is definitely on my list of blenders to consider.

Here’s a useful review I found from Bandleader and inventor Fred Waring introduced the first blender in 1936; more than 60 years later the Waring blender remains the standard for the field. Tall and old-fashioned looking with a plated metallic finish on its base, this blender will crush ice and blend frozen fruit beautifully in a few seconds. This blender feels sturdy: the lid, with a cap that doubles as a 1-ounce measurer, fits securely, and the pitcher, made of thick, ridged glass, won’t wobble. Many chefs prefer a blender rather than a food processor for soups and creamy sauces–the blades of a good blender whirl more quickly than those of a food processor and will refine a thin liquid such as cream of tomato soup to an incomparably silky texture. This blender is definitely up to that task. The fixed, self-cleaning stainless-steel blades on the base of the pitcher mean the lid is the only separate part to wash. –Maria Dolan

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