Best Shaving Brush – Ensure The Perfect Shave

Best Shaving Brush – Ensure The Perfect Shave

Picking The Best Shaving Brush Makes All The Difference

If like me you like a wet shave, then I already know you understand the importance of having the best shaving brush that you can afford. You can buy the best shaving soap, and have the best shaver in the world ready to go, but without a top quality brush, then you will never get that soap where it needs to go.

I am aware that many men simply don’t have the time or just could not be bothered with the hassle of a wet shave. There are some men though, and I am in that club, who does enjoy a wet shave from time to time. I have tried shaving gels and shaving foams, but as yet, I just think they are poor quality.

Personally I think it takes time to actually figure out what the best shave is for you as an individual. The skin you have and the hair growth you have will be different so I don’t think there is a one size fits all solution. I know when it came to a shaving brush it took me three attempts to get the one that suited me best.

It was a similar story with the soap that I used but when you fins that good combination of a good shaving brush and a top quality soap, then I can guarantee you will never have a shave quite like it. Best of all, having a shave like this just makes you feel like a million dollars.

Tips For Finding A Good Shaving Brush

If you have decided to go for the old fashioned way of shaving, then welcome on board. If you have been using this method for a while, then I also hope you can pick up some useful information on what I think makes a good shaving brush. There are three elements that I look for:

  • What hair is being used and whether it is soft or coarse
  • The handle and how it feels in your hand
  • Where the hair meets the handle – you do not want hairs coming out of the handle.

Average Price

The average price is about $15 for a good brush and you can pay anything up to $150 if you want. (I didn’t and you don’t need to either) I would however avoid anything that masquerades as a brush under $10 unless in a sale. They will just be useless and will never work.

Type of Hair On A Shaving Brush

Badger is by far the most popular hair used on a brush. To keep this as simple as I can just don’y buy one unless it is made from this type. They are the best and have been so for years. The only big and important choice is which type of badger hair do you, or more importantly, does your skin need?

The hair on shaving brushes ranges from soft and all the way through to coarse. This is what I had to experiment a little with to find one that suited me. The very coarse one I found pretty hard to deal with and the softer ones did not give me the feel that I was getting the soap properly applied.

I found one that is in the middle and that certainly worked best for me. I will bet you never though buying a shaving brush could be so darned complicated. There is however one more thing for you to consider.

Fullness of Hair

You may notice that some brushes look thinner than others. Some are well rounded with plenty of hair, whereas others are more pointed. Again, this really is personal preference. I get a great deal more control with a narrower one than with a wider head brush. When I tried using one of those, there was soap everywhere from up my nose to buried deep within each ear hole. Some people like them though so the choice is of course entirely yours.

Video on How To Pick And Use A Badger Shaving Brush

The badger hair exfoliates the skin and softens the bristles so works really well in the pre-shave phase. Badger hair stays firm and also stays warm. See how circular motions create a great lather.

My Top 3 Shaving Brush Picks

Shave Like Your Grandpa Did – The Best Way

So, if you are now convinced or just want to give it a try, then I have picked what I believe to be the three best shaving brushes available today. Worry not, they are not at the silly expensive end of the market.

They are all badger hair brushes and all of them have been given rave reviews by their users. In that knowledge you can rest assured that these will be a great additive to your grooming needs.

Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

This is my preferred choice and the choice of many other wet shavers.It is great value for the price and you will notice it has the narrower head which I prefer. It produces a great lather which for me is the most important thing.

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Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush

I have used this one in the past and I now keep it in my holiday bag.
It is a high quality brush with a nice dense head that works up a great lather.

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Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, Shave Set

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to buy all the bits and pieces then just go for this shaving kit.

Includes a shaving brush, soap, shaving mug and a shaving stand.
Now you have everything you need to get started.

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Taking Care Of Your Shaving Brush

The don’t need a great deal of care but they do need some.

When finished using it always rinse it out with water. Don’t allow the soap or cream to stick to the hairs. Gently shake it dry but there is no need to overdo this.

Always allow the brush to dry upside down (bristles pointing downwards) on a stand. If brushes are left just sitting around, then they will all eventually fall apart. I also happen to think that a shaving brush holder looks rather dignified in the bathroom, but maybe I am just being old fashioned.

You may notice there is some associated reading below this article and one of those is on shaving brush stands so that is worth a quick read.

New people to wet shaving tend to overdo the pressure on the brush when applying the soap or cream, which then can ruin the bristles. All that is needed is a gentle pressure applied and a little patience to get the lather up.

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