Are Mens Cargo Shorts In Fashion?

Are Mens Cargo Shorts In Fashion?

Are Cargo Shorts In Fashion For Your Man?

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We have recently been blessed with a spate of fantastic hot weather. That I love a lot but it comes with a cargo shorts for men fashion warning. Here is the big question that I have to ask?

So all men look good in cargo pants?

My answer is no way. I have seen sights this summer that make me want to head for the hills. They are visions that no normal human being should be subject to. Please don’t get me wrong as I am no fashion guru by any stretch of the imagination.

That said, I do have a wife and two daughters who keep me on the right track. Wearing a floppy hat, a badly fitting t-shirt, cargo pants that have been taken to the extreme, a pair of black socks and a set of dilapidated sandals just does not cut it for anyone.

Why then do some men think that is ok? And why do I always find these men accompanied by ladies who wear pink three quarter length trousers and a pale lemon top?

I am no friend of the fashion police but there has to be a sense of what I would call “common dress sense.”

What Is The Purpose Of Cargo Shorts?

Remember men have really simple minds and really simple logic. The reason we wear these mainly is because they tick a number of boxes that we like. These are:

  • They look good
  • They are light in weight
  • They keep you cool
  • They have lots of pockets for gadgets.

Most guys that I know buy them for the last one that I mentioned. We don’t as a rule carry hand bags and yet we do have stuff like car keys. wallets, cell phones etc. We need to carry these somewhere and unless you are brave enough to carry a man bag, then Houston, we have a problem.

Now in normal weather we can evenly distribute these items among several different pockets. In warm weather however we are more challenged as very few t-shirts have pockets and we will not be wearing a jacket.

That leaves us but one place to take care of those and yet remain active. If you are just sitting around there is no big problem as we will just dump our good onto a table. However if we need to be out and about essentially our pants, trousers, shorts or whatever we are wearing down under also has to become a repository for our money, wallets, and gadgets.

Which Of These Will A Guy Look Good In?

There are many hundreds of styles and before we look at those I want to talk about length. Cargo shorts – just above the knee or just below the knee? Or indeed just sitting on the knee? The life of a man can indeed get very complicated 🙂

I am a just below the knee man myself and I personally think those look the best. Now my wife would say that I am a “short ass” as I am a mere 5’7 tall or short as she would say. I think all fashion designers make clothes for men with the average height of 5′ 10

That makes sense alright but that means us vertically challenged people can easily end up with long shorts that are supposed to be below the knee shorts. Get that wrong people of my size and you can look like an idiot.

Where Did The Idea of Cargo Come From?

Before I did any research on these my suspicions told me these had to be army based. When I checked out Wikipedia they did confirm what I had suspected. These cargo pants are also known as combats and are basically loosely cut pants that were designed for tough outdoor use.

Typically they are made from hard wearing fabric, light and have large belt tags that can accommodate large webbing belts. The “Brits” were the first to wear these in the Army in 1938 and then brought to the USA around 1940.

The really big pocket idea comes from the fact that is allowed paratroopers to held radios and ammunition. You see pockets are so important and the bigger the better. So cargo shorts are basically the combat pants shortened at the knee. That would tell me they were originally designed to be worn at knee height.

How To Buy Cargo Trousers

A smarter alternative to wearing track suit bottoms which personally I think should be banned. These are great weekend relaxed trouser and not really suitable for most work places. They should be worn with trainers or sandals and even heavy boots.

Please.. please… please… never wear a shirt with these pants.

How Short Should A Man’s Shorts Be?

Some fashion editor from New York states his opinion. I disagree with every single word he says but always good to include an alternative view.

Colors Of The Rainbow

These come in just about any color and style that you can imagine. They went through a huge upward trend in the 1990s and then dropped off in popularity. Once again they now seem to be back in fashion and the trends for sales is once again showing a huge upwards trend.

How To Pick Cargo Shorts Properly?

Straight talking lady who nails the stupid fashion mistakes properly. Now that said her own top is well “different”

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